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Simply The Best Platform Out There.

There's no other way to say it. Let'sGO! takes care of its drivers and provides excellent service to travelers and businesses. Let'sGO! rides, and it shares. Simply the best.


The Let'sGO! app is so intuitive that it locates you and aids the driver in getting you where you need to be. The Let'sGO! app makes sure you know where your delivery item is throughtout the delivery process. It just works.


The Let'sGO! app is so smart that should the driver lose their way it aids the driver in gettingback on track and getting you where you need to be. The Let'sGO! app makes sure you know where your delivery item is throughtout the delivery process. It just works.


The Let'sGO! app is so powerful that it plays a pivotal role in providing infrastrucure-level services to the millions of people who rely on ride sharing to get them home after fun with friends and family, and the millions of Black/African-American/Moorish-owned businesses sending their commodities into the marketplace for sale throughout a vast network of storefronts committed to their success.


The Let'sGO! platform is secure and safe because we work with drivers that have demonstrated that your safety is their first priority and that your delivery items make it to the registered destination.

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How to join Let'sGO!?


Either sign up on this website or download the Let'sGO! app and register as either a Traveler or a Driver.


Finish your profile and be sure to confirm your registration with either your smartphone or your computer.


Book/ Accept your first trip and travel to your destination.


As soon as your trip is complete, leave feedback so we can grow together and learn from each other.

Loaded With Benefits You Should Have.

The other platforms out there could have done for their drivers then what we do for our drivers now. These platforms simply are still unwilling to do it. We list four things right here, right now, that we do today. And strap on your seat belt because there are more benefits to come. You other platforms are about to become very uncomfortable.

Profit Sharing Program

Profit sharing and Team Residuals? Yes, we do. Let'sGO!

Fuel Matching Program

Dollar to dollar fuel matching? No one but Let'sGO!

Vehicle Maintenance Program

Dollar to dollar vehicle maintenance matching. Name a platform... We'll wait. Right. No one but Let'sGO!.

Complete Trip Pay

When a Traveler sends a trip request and it is accepted by a Let'sGO! Driver, it is only fair that the driver be paid to not only get Travelers/ Delivery Items to their destinations but to also be paid to get to the location where the Traveler or Delivery Item originates from. Ride sharing and deliveries are different than commuting to a workplace. Drivers are already in their workplace and therefore should be paid for working in their workplace. That's how Let'sGO! rolls. Get it? Rolls? Rides... Right.

Our Travelers and Drivers Love Our Platform!

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When Mr. Smiley told me about Let'sGO! I thought the man was telling me a bald-faced lie. Profit sharing with the drivers and team residual income? Who does that?!? Let'sGO! does. That's who! I joined Mr. Smiley's team and I'm going to tell as many people as who will listen to me about this opportunity. Thanks, Mr. Smiley!

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"Prove it!" That's what I told Mrs. Antoinette when she told me about Let'sGO! She introduced me to her husband, Mr. Siyf, and after talking to him, I signed up. I am here to tell you it is all real. You clearly have a better alternative than those other platforms who care nothing about you. I was driving for this other one - I will not disrespect Let'sGO! by saying their name here - and after paying for gas, maintenance, and lord forbid I stop and get something to eat while out there, I was making $6.93/ hr. and nobody can make it on that in North America.

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I was selling products on a Black marketplace and no one hardly bought from me because though my prices were competitive, the cost of shipping killed my sales leads cold. With a new shop on The MoPower Exchange Marketplace, Let'sGO!'s GODeliverIT!, my membership with The MoPower Business Association, and after restructuring my pricing strategy, I can now afford to pay the shipping myself so that my customers only pay the retail price. That made my sales take off! Now my business is growing because I'm able to help more people. Plus, now I can afford to advertise with the only platform that is dedicated to Black/African-American/Moorish media, people, and the products and services made strictly for us. Thank you KOTF TeleRadio Network!

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I tried it and I LOVE IT Y'ALL! The conversation in the car was positive and the energy was so pure. The driver told me about the KOTF TeleRadio Network platform and that I could get my music on the radio station for better pay than the mainstream industry will ever pay me, so I gave it a try. It's still growing, but it IS real and it is broadcasting RIGHT NOW Y'ALL! Finally, a good platform that is here to let us shine like refined diamonds. Thank you KOTF TeleRadio Network!

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So, Will Sparrow calls me and tells me to take a look at The MoPower Exchange. Right? I logged on and man was I surprised! It's a marketplace that includes a vehicle sales area, a cryptocurrency platform, and a marketplace so full of promise that now I'm going to do everything I can to help this company prosper.

Cory Taylor I'm just a supporter

Join Our Growing Community of Travelers, Drivers, Certified Businesses, and Members.

A subsidiary of KOTF TeleRadio Network, Let'sGO! was born out of an industry-wide need for industry leaders to do right by the very people that makes the industry thrive: the drivers and travelers. Drivers are paid below what is fair, taxi drivers are being pushed out of the industry, and travelers are stuck in the middle of the fray. Let'sGO! is here to disrupt the rideshare industry and transform its landscape by forcing industry leaders to either do right by their drivers and customers or be literally eaten alive. Let'sGO!'s GODeliverIT! fills a shipping void that exists for the Black/African-American/ Moorish-owned businesses. It's about to get interesting. Very interesting. Join the revolution. Get the Let'sGO! app today!