E.S.T. 6/10/2019

About the Nexus Hive Career Center


Everyone that has ever seen a street gang truce come into existence and ultimately fail knows that the root causes of violence in these territories is the lack of economic empowerment. It doesn’t take a sociology, economics, or psychology degree to understand these dynamics, plenty of scholars have written and spoken to live and television audiences about them, and the politicians all the way down to the police officers who patrol these territories and even the residents know that bonafide economic empowerment is the long-term cure to much of the problems in these territories.

Now. Let’s be honest. Let’s be real. Let’s cut the bullshit. There’s no reason for these issues to still exist in this day and time when the community the Bloods and Crips are native to will spend $2 Trillion dollars annually in just a few months. Wait. Stop. I know that’s exactly what the majority community wants to hear. If you feel that way YOU are the problem. Yes. YOU! You’re the problem because for one, the conditions that brought us into existence in the first place were created by people like YOU (a historical fact that even European-American scholars have written about). The shooting war was fostered by people like YOU (declassified FBI COINTELPRO documentation-backed, no need to debate the issue). And the acceleration of that shooting war was materially supported by people like YOU (declassified FBI COINTELPRO documentation-backed, no need to debate the issue; plus, the trail of the funneling of crack cocaine into these communities led to the door of the CIA). We do not need to debate these issues. It’s documented. It’s true. And that’s NOT the point. I just want the facts to be straight and understood.

The point is that now everyone is faced with a practical long-term solution that is indeed a protracted struggle yet a significant and required undertaking. It HAS to be done. And WE’RE here to get it done.

Inspired by simply living in these conditions and wanting to get out without leaving the communities we were born into, that inspiration has been heightened by the murder of Nipsey Hussle—one of our brightest lights who made it out without leaving the community he was born into. We have learned what this solution looks like and have retrofitted it to not only serve our own sub-community, but to build into it a national appeal and footprint wherein we specifically target African-Americans aged 15 and up. It’s 15 and up because while helping the young people you cannot just NOT help the adults who are their parents without causing even more problems that alienates one generation from the other.

We need your help. YOU. I’m talking to YOU if you’re reading this and is touched by what you have experienced or have only seen or heard on the morning and evening news. If you have ever wondered what you can do to impact these issues positively here is your chance to do just that. Money solves problems when placed in the hands of caring and transparent organizations. We are caring and totally transparent.

Let’s get it understood. You can give and support. But you will never have any control over or any say-so in this undertaking. If you cannot accept that, thank you for your time and consideration. There’s no room for compromise on this issue. With or without you this WILL get done.